Field of operation

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  • Analysing and appraising natural resources, minerals, chemicals, raw materials and finished products. Analysing the environmental quality of air, water, soil, solid waste …
  • Forming Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports, Certificates for registration of satisfaction of environmental standards, Environmental protection commitments, Environmental protection plans, Registers as a hazardous waste producer, Reports applying for Water Extraction licences, Reports applying for licences to discharge waste water into water source, Profiles applying for hazardous waste transportation, Plans for chemical accident prevention and response.
  • Periodic environmental monitoring for roads, production and services facilities.
  • Researching and consulting about technology, designing and implementing environmental treatment systems for various careers such as: engineering, coating, textile, food processing, paint.
  • Training, retraining and advanced training qualifications in the field of analysis, chemicals and environment.
  • Compiling documents, building standards in the field of analysis, chemical and environment.
  • Providing test kit for rapid analysis of environmental indicators. Since 1993, the center has provided Unicef and many provinces in the country many sets of rapid test for many targets As, Fe, Mn.

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